SRFIDC Yearly Calendar of Events

Early/mid July
Executive Committee Meeting (Chair organizes)

Conference Host follows up on facilities planning/reservations and arranging for and negotiating with paid keynote speakers and guest speakers.

Chair sends invoice/membership renewal form (for dues to go to Treasurer).
July - December
Executive Committees recruit new and lapsed members via letters, e-mail, phone calls.  Inform Chair of prospects.
Early September
Conference Host drafts Call for Session Proposals, conference and accommodations information, and registration forms.  Host sends to Chair for review and for fall newsletter copy.

Chair writes Fall newsletter copy.

Early October
Chair sends newsletter, invoice/membership renewal form, updated brochure, and Call for Session Proposals to entire mailing list.

Treasurer tracks membership/dues and notifies Chair and Conference Host of membership updates.

Conference Host receives and tracks proposals and registrations; forwards additional checks to Treasurer.

Dues payment deadline.  Treasurer prepares and mails receipts (as checks come in); accepts dues through conference dates.

Deadline for session proposals.  Conference Host reviews, selects, and organizes, and schedules sessions.

Conference Host notifies speakers of accepted/rejected sessions and writes/design preliminary program with scheduled sessions. 

Conference Host sends preliminary program to Chair as soon as possible. 

Late January - 
Early February
Deadline for conference registration.  Conference Host sends maps and last minute conference/city/university information to registrants.  Preliminary program is also sent.
Early/mid March
Annual Sharing Conference.

Executive Committee meets Saturday night before and shortly after Business Meeting (early Monday afternoon).

Secretary takes notes on all Executive Committee and Business Meetings.  Secretary assigns note takers at all sessions s/he can not attend.

Treasurer reviews invoices and writes checks to hotel, Night on the Town restaurant, paid keynote and guest speakers, etc.

Secretary prepares and sends session notes and other post-conference materials to registrants.

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